The quest of finding the right technology 01 Sep 2015.

Or the quest of making the right technological choices?

Software Engineering , Technology , Best Practices

Deriving a status 20 Oct 2013.

Efficiently derive statuses from a log table in MySQL.

Real time data segmentation 19 Jan 2013.

Achieve better performance when doing data segmentation in MySQL.

MySQL , Join , Segmentation

Hierarchical data in MySQL 31 Dec 2012.

A simple approach on solving this complex problem of managing hierarchical data using MySQL.

Common use cases for the MySQL Join statement 29 Dec 2012.

Demystifying the MySQL Join statement for building better datasets.

Extend Twitter Bootstrap with your own jQuery plugin 28 Dec 2012.

A short tutorial on writing your first jQuery plugin to extend Twitter Bootstrap.

Twitter Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap , jQuery Plugins

Introducing Bootstrap Form Helpers 28 Oct 2012.

I recently launched a new project which provides a library of jQuery plugins to enhance your forms.